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Application of laser welding

Application solution of laser welding in automobile manufacturing

2018-05-11 14:57:14

Application solution of laser welding in automobile manufacturing

Since 2000, driven by the excellent situation of sustained development of the national macro-economy, the automotive industry has entered a period of rapid development. The rapid development of the automobile industry has greatly improved China's position in the international auto market. At present, China's automobile production ranks first in the world, and has become an important part of the world auto industry.Application of laser welding in automobile manufacturing

The rapid development of the automobile industry is inseparable from advanced manufacturing technology. Laser welding and laser cutting are widely used in automobile industry because of high energy, high precision, high adaptability and so on. The automotive parts of 50%-70% in developed countries of Europe and America are all finished by laser processing. Automotive laser cutting and laser welding technology is not only a technical guarantee for the development of new automotive products, but also an indispensable technical means for high quality and low cost production.

As the leader of the domestic laser technology, Chen Hao Da technology has long maintained a good cooperative relationship with many auto manufacturers, providing advanced automobile laser cutting and laser welding solutions for the automobile industry. In the automotive industry, with the continuous improvement of technical level, the service power has been continuously improved and more and more steam has been won. Approval of the car enterprise.

The outstanding contribution of Sunrise laser in the field of automobile manufacturing has greatly enhanced the international competitiveness of China's national brand cars。
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Laser automatic welding equipment for car body in white

The automobile body white body welding system has high precision and stable quality. It can automatically recognize various types of cars, automatically grab corresponding clamps and invoke relevant programs to realize the integration of fast positioning in white body, laser brazing, welding and handling of industrial robot applications. The welding speed can reach 4.8 meters per minute and increased by 3. 0%, the process cost is reduced by 40% and the body stiffness is raised by 30%. It can meet the needs of on-line production, greatly improves the welding speed and weld quality of the automobile, makes the auto body welding line automatic and intelligent, and the technical index reaches the international advanced level.


 Application of laser welding in automobile manufacturing



Laser welding equipment for automobile air bag inner gallbladder

The bursts of bursts are controlled by a gas generator. When they erupt, they produce oxidation reactions, which generate large amounts of gas and produce outbreaks. Therefore, the sealing requirement of the air bag is very high, and the phenomenon of overheating should be avoided in the process of inner gallbladder processing. Laser welding is a very suitable processing method.


Technical characteristics:

● The weld seam is large enough to reach 2 to 3mm. The welding strength is high, the heat affected zone is small, and the welding deformation is small.

● High automation, easy to control, fast speed

● High precision, good stability and high yield.

● Non - contact processing, no welding auxiliary tools

● Welding without welding rod or filling material, no impurity and no pollution welding seam can be obtained.


Laser welding equipment for automobile bumper

The automobile bumper is a special shape. It is very complicated to use traditional stamping methods, and the parts are easily deformed and stressed. The laser mode is used. It does not require a complex fixture system, no machining stress, no deformation of the cut, and more suitable for later processing and installation.


Technical characteristics

● The advanced laser welding technology can improve the welding quality, and the strength of the welded joint is high;

● Laser welding equipment has stable performance, good repeatability, high reliability and beautiful appearance;

● Due to the smoothness of laser welding, the weldment parts will not damage other components during the production process。


Laser welding equipment for automobile exhaust pipe

Laser welding is a process of melting and joining materials by focusing high-energy laser beams to form good welding joints。

Laser welding has the characteristics of fast welding speed, small deformation of workpiece, large weld fusion ratio, fine grain, simple post weld treatment and good weld quality, and can weld the same or dissimilar material or refractory material in a variety of special environments.


Laser welding equipment for automobile gear

  Laser welding of automobile gear is a developing trend. At present, the major automobile manufacturers in the world adopt laser welding gears, instead of resistance welding, induction welding and electron beam welding, in order to improve the competitiveness of products in the international market.

  The laser welded gear does not need to be carried out in the vacuum. It can avoid the deformation of the welding. The gears after welding need not be refined again. The gear welding can reduce the number of parts, improve the quality of the gear and reduce the cost of the gear manufacturing.

  Laser welding can make the weld depth to width ratio as high as 10:1, and the weld seam has comprehensive or mechanical properties equal to or better than the base metal, so as to ensure that the gear can transmit larger torque.


Laser welding equipment for automobile rear box

  The trunk is composed of a trunk lid and a backboard. Because the forming has a 90 degree angle, laser brazing is used for welding. MlG brazing is used in the traditional trunk welding. Since the material of the rear box is usually galvanized, the low heat input of MlG brazing is used to solve the problems caused by a large amount of burning loss of the galvanized layer. However, the high speed welding of the MlG brazing and the instability of the arc under the small current limit its efficiency and quality. The laser welding is mainly aimed at it. Welding with complex forming or sharp change of tangential direction of weld leads to smooth welding surface. In addition, MlG brazing is difficult to form smooth weld and pollute greatly. Laser brazing has high welding speed, good weld quality, stable quality, little loss of zinc coating and small deformation.

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