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Application of laser welding

3C industry laser welding application solution

2018-07-05 15:34:53

3C industry laser welding application solution

  • Program overview

      With the rapid development of the 3C digital industry, 3C digital products are upgrading towards high integration and high precision, and their internal components are becoming smaller and smaller, and the precision and electronic integration are getting higher and higher。 Therefore, the appearance, deformation, and drawing force of the inner structural member are more and more demanding on the welding technology. Laser products are widely used in the welding of structural parts in 3C products due to their high energy, high precision and high directional characteristics. In the current production process of high-end digital equipment, laser welding technology plays a major role in the volume optimization and quality improvement of the products, making the products lighter and slimmer, and better in stability。

      At present, most of the digital products on the market can find the shadow of laser welding, but there are also some problems such as:

      ● The lasers used in the welding machine are different, and the optical modes that come out are different, resulting in different welding effects and efficiency.

      As a pioneer in the laser industry, Sunrise Laser strongly promotes the application of different types of laser machines in the industry and provides a complete solution。

3C product laser welding sample

  • Program recommendation

      Sunrise laser fiber-optic transmission laser welding machine and quasi-pulsed fiber laser welding machine successfully solved the problems encountered in welding. This technology product has been widely used in the welding of structural parts in 3C digital products。

      The fiber-optic transmission laser welding machine is a laser welding device that couples a high-energy laser beam into an optical fiber, and after long-distance transmission, collimates into parallel light through a collimating mirror, and then focuses on the workpiece to perform welding。 For flexible welding non-contact welding, it is more flexible. The fiber-optic transmission laser welding machine laser beam can realize time and energy splitting, and can simultaneously process multiple beams, which provides conditions for more precise welding。 The optical fiber transmission welding machine has the advantages of good beam quality, fine spot and flexible installation.

    Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between optical fiber transmission welding machine and traditional hard optical path laser welding machine

    Hard light path Optical fiber (or transmission) welding machine
    The laser energy is Gaussian in the range of the spot, the center energy is the strongest, and the spark is large when welding。 The laser energy is distributed in the shape of a hat in the range of the spot, and the energy distribution of the entire spot is even。
    The solder joints are not beautiful, and it is not suitable for spot welding with high requirements. Spot welding is easy to remove or weld the back. The solder joint is smooth and beautiful, suitable for high-demand spot welding, high spot welding stability
    The laser focus height will vary at different power stages Laser focus position is fixed
    The optical path is fixed, the specific machine has integrated the work table of the specific configuration, the volume is small, but the flexibility is poor, and it is not easy to integrate with the customer's automated production line。 The laser is transmitted through the fiber to the soldering tip, which is a flexible connection that facilitates remote collaboration between the console and the host and is easily integrated with the customer's automated production line.
    No energy feedback function, high energy fluctuation Energy detection and feedback for high energy stability
    It is difficult to split light Easy to achieve energy splitting and time splitting to improve processing efficiency

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