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How to quickly improve the marking depth of laser marking machine

Time:2018-10-25 09:16:45

  If it is conventional to say that a fiber laser marking machine is a processing device that uses a laser beam to mark a surface of a different trait, it exposes the internal substance by vaporizing the surface material of the workpiece material, or causes the surface to be chemically oxidized by light energy。 Physical changes show "cracks", or directly burn off the material, thus achieving the pattern or text that the user needs。

  So how do we quickly increase the depth of the laser marking machine? I teach you how to set it up:
1。 Improve the power of the laser and increase the laser power to directly improve the depth of the laser marking。 However, the prerequisite for improving the power is to ensure that the laser power supply, laser chiller, laser lens, etc。 are also matched, and the performance of the related accessories is required。 The performance is improved after the power is increased, so sometimes it is necessary to temporarily replace the accessories, but the cost will increase, and the workload or technical requirements may be increased。
2, optimize the laser beam quality, need to replace the stable laser pump source, laser full mirror and output mirror, etc., especially its internal laser material, crystal, etc., which is conducive to improve the quality of the laser beam and thus improve the marking strength With depth.
3, from the laser follow-up spot processing, the use of high-quality laser group can achieve twice the result with half the effort. For example, using a high-quality beam expander allows the light beam to expand to a perfect spot similar to a Gaussian beam. The use of high-quality F-c field mirrors allows the laser to pass through with better light focus and better spot. The energy used to make the spot in the effective web is more uniform.
4, suitable to adjust the laser focal length, if the above method is not enough to solve, you can try better and shorter focal length field mirror to increase the energy of its beam, when we raise the focal length, we must hear the laser beam hit the surface of the workpiece material The loudest sound is the standard, the energy at the set point is the highest, and the deepening effect is also the most obvious.
The setting of the laser marking machine can be seen from the above analysis. When we purchase the laser marking machine, we must first understand the marking requirements of our products, and we must have a good long-term plan. For example, the depth of the workpiece is now required. It's shallow, but it will be deeply marked in the future, so we have to purchase it in the deepest configuration when we buy it.
(This article was originally written by Chenxi Laser. Reprinted must indicate the source: www.levihersh.com, cherish the labor results of others, is to respect yourself)
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