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Introduction of lasers

Time:2019-01-10 15:55:25

Lasers are simply devices that can emit lasers。 The first microwave quantum amplifier was fabricated in 1954, and highly coherent microwave beams were obtained。 By 1958, A。 L。 Shollo and C。 H。 Towns extended the principle of microwave quantum amplifier to the optical frequency range。 In 1960, T。 H。 Mayman and others made the first ruby laser。 In 1961, A。 Javin and others made He-Ne laser。 In 1962, R。N。 Hall et al。 invented GaAs semiconductor lasers。


The above is a development course of lasers。 Today, there are more and more kinds of lasers。 According to the working medium, lasers can be divided into four categories: gas lasers, solid-state lasers, semiconductor lasers and dye lasers。 Recently, free electron lasers have been developed, and high power lasers are usually pulsed output。


What is the working substance of the laser? What is the laser working substance?


Laser working substances refer to the material system used to realize the inversion of the number of particles and the amplification of stimulated radiation, sometimes called laser gain media。 They can be solid (crystal, glass), gas (atomic gas, ionic gas, molecular gas), semiconductors and liquids。 The main requirement of laser working substance is to achieve a large degree of particle number inversion between the specific energy levels of its working particles as far as possible, and to keep this inversion as effectively as possible during the whole process of laser emission。 Therefore, it is required that the working substance has appropriate energy level structure and transition characteristics。


Above all, it can be seen that laser requires high working medium, which makes it difficult and expensive to manufacture lasers。


At present, the fiber laser used in the industrial fiber laser cutting machine is driven by the pulsed output laser, so its components are more precise. What is the pulsed output laser?


Pulsed output laser is produced by stimulated radiation, which amplifies the light, i.e. the light amplification of stimulated radiation. It is characterized by excellent monochromaticity, minimal divergence and high brightness (power). So the brightness is different and its power is different. At present, the domestic power fiber laser cutting machine is 15KW, which is manufactured for a large group of lasers.


The high integration and development of artificial intelligence make the space for laser cutting machine to rise unprecedentedly larger. Although the optical fiber laser cutting machine above 15KW is a barrier, it will be crossed soon.


(This article was originally created by Chenhao Laser, reproduced from www。lasersunrise。com。 To cherish the fruits of other people's work is to respect oneself。)

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