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Precision laser welding

Time:2019-03-18 10:52:19

At present, China's traditional manufacturing industry is facing a deep transformation and upgrading. High-end precision processing with high added value and high technical barriers is one of the important directions. With the increasing demand for high precision processing, the related precision processing technology also develops rapidly, among which laser technology has gained more and more recognition in the market.


Laser precision welding

Laser precision welding is to radiate high-intensity laser beam to the working area of the processed product. Through the interaction of laser and material, a multi-density heat source zone can be formed rapidly in the welded area. Heat can make the welded area melt and crystallize to form a consolidated weld joint or weld. Its characteristic is that it does not need electrodes and filling materials, and it belongs to non-contact welding. It can weld refractory metals with high melting point or materials with different thickness.

In the field of new energy batteries, with the promotion of new energy vehicles, the demand for power batteries continues to increase. Laser welding, as a welding standard in the field of power batteries, has been widely used in the front ear welding, the middle bottom cover, the top cover, the sealing pin welding, the rear battery connector, the negative seal welding and so on. In the 3C field, all kinds of modules of mobile phones, mid-plate cover, etc., are inseparable from laser precision welding technology.


Industry status

In the field of laser precision processing technology, many manufacturers around the world compete and provide different types of equipment, most of which are concentrated in Germany, Asia and the United States。 With the increasingly fierce market competition environment, China's equipment manufacturers enter the market with international first-class technology competitiveness and lower cost solutions, which greatly promotes the process of laser technology marketization。


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