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CO2 laser marking machine ceramic lettering

Time:2018-09-17 09:02:42
Can ceramics be laser marked?
What are the common ceramic products? Bathroom products, ceramic tableware, handicrafts, etc., then laser marking machine can engrave on ceramics? What kind of marking machine is used, how much power can be marked on ceramics?
Answer: Laser marking is able to engrave on ceramics.
How to make the tile LOGO more anti-counterfeiting and high-column matching? The traditional bathroom ceramic trademark adopts the firing process, the cost is high and cannot be changed, and the printing trademark is easy to fall off. Now the latest technology is to use the laser marking machine to engrave on the ceramic, the carving speed is fast, the cost is low, no consumables, friendly operation. The marked word, the LOGO trademark is a permanent mark on the surface of the material, the effect is good, the adaptability is strong, and the application range is wide.
What marking machine is used for lettering on ceramics?

晨皓达 CO2 laser marking machine:

Since laser marking is marking the last process before the ceramics are shipped, the manufacturer's inventory can be greatly reduced.

The ceramic laser marking machine uses a CO2 RF light applicator and a high speed scanning galvanometer system. High-quality optics, high-stability laser power supply fully automatic control system. The marking system of the whole machine has high precision, high speed and extremely stable performance, and can work continuously for a long time. Also called: CO2 laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, non-metal marking machine, ceramic laser marking machine, because the main marking products of this model are non-metallic, like plastic, wood, acrylic, ceramic anyway Not a metal product.

How much power can the laser marking machine use to mark the ceramic?

The effect of laser marking on ceramics depends to a large extent on the type of ceramic. In general, a little bit of material is always removed, and household ceramics such as porcelain can be engraved, which involves the removal of the rental color and depends on the laser power. If the mask is covered with a mask in advance and the surface is designed to be colored, then a good marking effect can be obtained. Industrial ceramics usually have heat-resistant properties, the surface is smoother, and the engraving effect looks particularly neat.

Since laser marking on ceramics requires high laser power, CO2 laser marking machines of 50W, 60W, 100W, etc. with a minimum of 50 watts or more are generally used.

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