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How to buy a cost-effective laser marking machine?

Time:2018-11-02 09:04:17
   What should I pay attention to when purchasing laser equipment, the following Chenda Laser Xiaobian will analyze for you:

   Here we take the example of a fiber laser marking machine:

   1, the price of the laser marking machine is not only different in configuration, but also in power difference。 In the current market, it can be roughly divided into: 10W, 20W, 50W,
60W also has some high-power fiber marking machines. The price of different Gongqin is also different. The higher the power, the more expensive it is.
   2, the price and quality of the fiber laser marking machine is determined by the difference between the laser: the laser is the most important part of the entire laser marking machine, its good determines the quality of the fiber laser marking machine。 Suzhou fiber laser marking machine generally imports lasers better, its beam quality is good, electro-optical conversion rate is high, domestic lasers are slightly inferior, but domestic lighters can also meet the needs of any industry, so if the funds are not In the case of a good enough, you can choose to use a domestic laser。
   3, a good laser marking machine, although the choice of the laser plays a certain role, but the details determine success or failure, often the best is reflected in the details。 The fiber-optic coating marking machine produced by the Koifang Laser is made of high-quality materials in the details。 For example, in the aluminum plate of the whole machine, 2cm imported aluminum plate is used to increase the weight and prevent shocks。
   4, to see the cooling and cooling equipment of the fiber laser marking machine is good, the fiber laser marking machine is air-cooled, generally rarely problems. But also check the quality of the fan, wind speed and so on.
   When purchasing a fiber laser marking machine, if you can judge and choose from the above aspects, you will definitely choose a good quality fiber laser marking machine.
   Chennaida Laser has a certain discriminating basis in the face of the mixed laser equipment market。 For more information, please contact Chenda Laser Customer Service to find out more about what you need to pay attention to when purchasing laser marking machines。

   (This article was originally written by Chenxi Laser. Reprinted must indicate the source: www.levihersh.com, cherish the labor results of others, is to respect yourself)
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