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20W fiber laser marking machine

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Abstract: 20W fiber laser marking machine is the best selling laser marking equipment models on the market, because of its moderate price, wide application, obtained the general hardware electroplating plastic electronic products manufacturers, processing effect is remarkable, has been the industry model \"word of mouth\".

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Fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine

20W fiber laser marking machine

  20W fiber laser marking machine is currently the best-selling laser marking equipment on the market. Due to its moderate price and wide application, it has won the favor of the majority of manufacturers of metal-plated plastic electronic products, and the processing effect is remarkable. It has always been the industry's word-of-mouth model. ".

Principle of fiber laser marking machine

  The fiber laser marking machine is a new generation laser marking machine system developed by our company using the leading laser technology. It uses the fiber laser to output the laser, and then realizes the marking function through the digital high-speed galvanometer system. It is mainly used to replace the traditional backwardness. Manufacturing process. Such as: silk screen printing, corrosion, mold stamping and so on.The advanced laser processing system can quickly improve the quality and production efficiency, reduce energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution. The fiber laser marking electromechanical light conversion efficiency is high, and the air cooling method is used for cooling. The whole machine is small in size, and the output beam quality is good and reliable. high.

Fiber laser marking machine application range

  Fiber laser marking machine is widely used in fields with high requirements on depth, smoothness and fineness. The marking pattern is fine and beautiful and never worn. Applicable to mobile phone manufacturing industry, automotive industry, medical equipment, jewelry, sanitary ware, mold industry, light-emitting buttons, plastic buttons, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, metal products, tool accessories, hardware accessories, Marking of auto parts, precision hardware, glasses and clocks, PVC pipes and other products.

20W fiber laser marking machine parameters

Equipment type: CHD-T20

Laser power: 20W

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Repeat frequency: 1.6-200KHz

Repeatability: ≤0.005mm

Engraving line speed: ≤7000mm/s

Minimum line width: 0.01mm

Minimum character: 0.15mm

Engraving depth: ≤0.3mm

Machine power consumption: 0.3KW

Engraving range: 30mm*30mm~400mm*400mm

Cooling method: air cooling

Power supply: 220V/5A

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