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Optical fiber conduction laser welding machine

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Abstract: The optical fiber conduction laser welding machine has the function of fixing and moving the optical fiber transmission YAG laser welding machine. It can be used for the processing of various complicated workpieces with different shapes, reduce the requirement of jig, make the machine multi-purpose, expand the scope of application and enh...

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Fiber-optic conduction laser welding machine

Fiber-optic conduction laser welding machine

  Fiber-optic conduction laser welding machine YAG laser welding machine with fixed and mobile processing functions, the fiber transmission device can be fixed to the host and separated from the host. It can be applied to the processing of complex workpieces of various shapes, reduce the requirements on fixtures, achieve multi-purpose of one machine, expand the scope of application, and enhance the adaptability of equipment.The laser processing head has a function of handling focusing and CCD monitoring. The optical fiber can move freely and can be mated with the robot, which creates conditions for complex processing solutions, and the beam quality of the optical fiber is better. The laser beam transmitted through the optical fiber has good quality, fine spot, uniform energy distribution, uniform solder joint size and uniform depth。

Advantages of fiber-optic conduction laser welding machine

  It adopts German original laser and high-performance galvanometer to realize high-precision welding of products. It has an automated core team and tailor-made non-standard equipment for customers. Simple control system, easy to learn application software, the operator is very comfortable to use. The sturdy body, beautiful appearance, the caster and the bigfoot cup on the sole of the foot, it is easy and flexible to move.The fiber-optic conduction laser welding machine has low operating cost, zero consumables, is more environmentally friendly and simpler。 The weld quality is high: the penetration ratio is large, the deformation is small, the solder joints are non-polluting, the welds are non-porous, the appearance is flat and beautiful, and there is no need or simple post-processing. The welding repeatability is good, the laser output power is stable, the equipment operation process is stable and reliable, and the processing consistency is high.

Fiber-optic conduction laser welding machine application range

  It is used in welding applications with high welding process requirements and convenient optical path movement. It can weld fine parts such as microelectronic components and integrated circuit leads. High-power diodes, mobile phone batteries, mobile phone cases, electronic components, vacuum cups, stainless steel. High-efficiency laser spot welding, seal welding, overlap welding of products, sensors, tungsten wire, aluminum alloy, notebook computer casings, electrical accessories, filters, nozzles, golf clubs, zinc alloy handicrafts and other electronic products.

Fiber conduction laser welding machine configuration parameters

Laser power: 300W

Laser wavelength: 1064nm

Laser type: ND: YAG pulse

Fiber port: 1-4

Spot adjustment range: 0.1mm-0.4mm

Welding depth: 0.05mm-1.5mm

Pulse frequency: 0-50Hz

Maximum pulse energy: 60J/10ms

Single pulse width: 0.3ms-50ms

Laser welding frequency: 1-100Khz

Spot diameter: 0.2mm~1.2mm

Observation system: High-precision CCD with red spot

Control system: CHD CNC2000

Electricity demand: 380V ± 10% / 60A

Machine power consumption: 15KW

Cooling method: 3P water cooling

Weight: 150KG (with cooling system)

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