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Energy feedback fiber laser welding machine

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Abstract: Energy feedback the working principle of optical fiber laser welding machine is to increase an energy in the output of the laser detection device, used to detect the size of the laser energy, and the real-time feedback to the control signal, comparing with theory set energy, form a closed loop control system, to achieve the purpose of acc...

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Energy feedback laser welding machine

Energy feedback fiber laser welding machine

  360° welding has no dead ends! Has greater welding flexibility。 The industry's advanced "energy negative feedback" technology maintains the high-quality processing state of the machine and creates high-quality precision welding. The energy feedback fiber laser welding machine is composed of “welding host” and “welding workbench”. The series of welding machines are available in different forms of worktables, which can meet the needs of different customers economically.

Energy feedback fiber laser welding machine advantage

  The energy feedback fiber laser welding machine works by adding an energy detecting device to the output end of the laser to detect the amount of laser energy, and feedback the signal to the control end in real time, and compare it with the theoretically set energy. Form a closed-loop control system to achieve accurate control of laser energy output. The energy feedback technology can make the energy of the laser output have good repeatability。 In short, it can ensure that the laser energy of each output is stable, which can effectively reduce the defect rate of the product。

Energy feedback fiber laser welding machine application range

  Energy feedback fiber laser welding machine is widely used in precision welding of optical communication devices, sensors, medical, electronics, batteries, fiber-coupled devices, kinescope electron guns, metal parts, mobile phone vibration motors, precision parts for watches and clocks, and automobile lamps.

Energy feedback fiber laser welding machine parameters

Laser power: 800W

Laser wavelength: 1080nm

Output fiber length: 10M

Laser type: ND: YAG pulse

Spot adjustment range: 0.1mm-0.4mm

Welding depth: 0.1mm-2.5mm

Pulse frequency: 0-50Hz

Spot size: 0.2mm~4.0mm

Observation system: high precision CCD with red light positioning

Machine power consumption: 6KW

Control System: MotionDSP

Power requirements: 380V ± 10% / 60A

Cooling method: 3P water cooling

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