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Non-standard automatic laser welding machine

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Abstract: The understanding of non-standard automatic laser welding machine is non-standard model, design and use of automatic welding machine.

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Automated fiber laser welding machine

Non-standard automatic laser welding machine

  The non-standard automatic laser welding machine is understood to be an automatic welding machine of non-standard models and styles and uses. Although the development of laser equipment has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years, the standard laser equipment can only meet the needs of most users, so the non-standard was born. Automated laser equipment, that is, according to the needs of users, it is reasonable to arrange various accessories, computer control and automation.

Advantages of non-standard automatic laser welding machine

  Provided in a special customized machine, it can easily access the production equipment and production line that the customer needs to cooperate with the laser equipment. According to the customer's own production habits and process requirements, the customer can customize the auxiliary function module to make it more suitable. Customer production needs, improve production efficiency.

Non-standard automatic laser welding machine application range

  It is used in welding applications with high welding process requirements and convenient optical path movement. It can weld fine microelectronic components, integrated circuit leads and other precision parts for welding. 3C industry welding, aerospace, automotive industry, household appliances, medical equipment, electronics, communication , hardware, watches, jewelry, sporting goods, mold processing, pressure vessels, military, sheet metal processing, metallurgical rolling, petroleum, machinery, pipe.

Automated fiber laser welding machine parameters

Laser power: 800W

Laser wavelength: 1080nm

Output fiber length: 10M

Laser type: ND: YAG pulse

Spot adjustment range: 0.1mm-0.4mm

Welding depth: 0.1mm-2.5mm

Pulse frequency: 0-50Hz

Spot size: 0.2mm~4.0mm

Observation system: high precision CCD with red light positioning

Machine power consumption: 6KW

Control System: MotionDSP

Power requirements: 380V ± 10% / 60A

Cooling method: 3P water cooling

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